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Our automated sales assistant identifies the hot leads faster via natural, two-way email conversations, so you can focus your efforts on contacting leads who intend to buy. The moment your assistant identifies a sales opportunity, she alerts your sales rep and shares all pertinent information. Take 15 minutes to check it out!

In a live demo, see your sales assistant:

  • Connect and engage with leads in real time
  • Reengage old or inactive leads
  • Alert salespeople to hot leads
  • Follow-up to be sure every lead is contacted

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"Right away, within the first couple of hours of implementing Conversica, the level of lead engagement was like night and day."

William Goulette, Corporate BDC Director, Boch Automotive

“We’re on pace to sell about 200 more cars. Plus sales revenue has gone up by over $2 million, net sales profit has increased $431,000, our close rate from internet leads has gone up over 20 percent and floor traffic has increased by 147 showroom visits, all in the last year. Conversica definitely has played a role.”

Ryan Matt, Co-Owner of Matt Ford